Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

You have many options if you’re in the market for a reliable pre-owned vehicle near Akron, OH. Unfortunately, having so many options can be overwhelming. You must find the right model with all the needed features while staying within your budget. You want a dependable vehicle you can afford, but do you know how to find it?

To help, we had our experts put together this blog explaining the factors you need to consider as you move through the process. Take our advice to find the perfect car, truck, or SUV that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Calculate Your Budget

Used Ford Vehicle Overlooking the Water

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The first step is to figure out how much you can afford as a monthly payment. After adding up your expenses, your leftover income should never come close to your monthly payment. 

You must also account for things like maintenance, fuel, and insurance. Since insurance can vary widely by make, model, and year, we recommend requesting a quote from your insurance provider for vehicles you’re interested in purchasing.

The fluctuating nature of gas prices can make calculating fuel costs challenging. However, the vehicle you choose will affect how much fuel your car burns on your commute.

For example, if your commute sends you to Cleveland every day, you’ll probably want a fuel-efficient sedan. You can find many cars that give you over 30 mpg.

To estimate your fuel costs, add up your monthly miles and divide them by your vehicle’s mpg to calculate the fuel cost. Then, multiply that result by the cost per gallon.

Pre-owned vehicles need maintenance beyond oil changes, tire rotations, and new brake pads. Every car has milestone service requirements to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.

You can find these services published on the manufacturer’s website. We recommend you research these services and factor them into your budget.

Find the Right Vehicle

Finding the right vehicle can be more challenging than you imagine. The issue arises from the vast amount of models and options available. We recommend creating a list of features you need to simplify this process.

For example, you’ll want passenger volume if you have a family. If you need to carry tools or tow a trailer, you probably need a pickup truck with the necessary cargo and towing capacity.

Next, you can list features you want but don’t necessarily need. For instance, perhaps you would enjoy upgraded technology features like infotainment and driver-assist systems but could live without them.

Similarly, an all-wheel-drive vehicle might be nice to get you through the Ohio winters. However, a capable front-wheel-drive vehicle can often do fine in wintry weather.

Your final list should include features you don’t need or want. This list might be the most important because it will keep you from buying features you’ll never use.

For example, 4×4 systems cost thousands of dollars more than two-wheel-drive systems. If you never go off-road adventuring, why pay more for a system you’ll never use?

Consider Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Certified pre-owned vehicles cost more than used cars, but CPOs have certain advantages. Typically, a CPO vehicle had only one previous owner.

Often these vehicles are lease turn-ins. Leased vehicles receive regular maintenance as part of the contract, which means you can rely on their quality.

In addition, you get the full manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase a CPO.

Our CPO vehicles undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection at North Coast Mitsubishi of Akron to ensure quality and dependability.

Shop for Financing

Start your shopping with your bank or credit union. Often, these institutions offer slightly better rates to members than the general public.

You can shop online for auto loans, too. Many national lenders offer rates that local lenders can’t match. However, this process can get tedious and result in unwanted phone calls and emails.

To avoid this, we suggest you take advantage of our financial experts’ knowledge and database of lenders. We’ve cultivated relationships with local and national lending institutions that we can leverage to get you an outstanding loan.

You can pre-qualify for a loan online, and in minutes, we can present you with competing loan offers. 

Find a Dealership

If you’ve narrowed your vehicle choice, it is time to find a dealership. We suggest you look at a dealer’s customer service ratings and ask friends, family, and co-workers what they’ve heard.

At North Coast Mitsubishi of Akron, we pride ourselves on serving customers from Cuyahoga Falls to Barberton and beyond. You’ll find this reflected in our satisfaction ratings.

It’s important to remember you aren’t just buying a used car. You’re buying the support of the dealership, too.

Identify Your Dream Vehicle

As one of the largest pre-owned dealerships in Akron, we have an expansive inventory of reliable used cars, trucks, and SUVs across all major brands. That means we likely have the vehicle you want in our inventory.

If not, we may have it soon. Our inventory constantly rotates because we sell a high volume of vehicles, so we encourage you to check back often.

Test Drive and Inspect Before You Buy

Experts recommend you always test drive a vehicle before you purchase it. You want to ensure everything works and feels right for you.

Many customers change their minds about a particular car after test driving it because it didn’t suit them.

If you enjoy the test drive, take the vehicle to a mechanic and have them inspect it. Having a private mechanic perform an inspection protects you against buying a lemon.

Complete the Deal

Purchasing a used vehicle includes signing the paperwork. You want to find a dealership that provides you with all the paperwork in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

At North Coast Mitsubishi of Akron, we cover all the paperwork, from financing to registration and insurance.

Then, while you test-drive the vehicle, your finance manager will assemble the proper papers and walk you through the deal. 

We also offer extended warranties and gap insurance if you want more protection. We can build these costs into your monthly payment to make them more affordable.

Contact Our Auto Dealership in Akron, OH

We hope this article helped you understand what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle.

If you’re ready to take the next step, please browse our inventory online or talk to one of our financial professionals today.

Our staff stands ready to make the car-buying process one you’ll love.