The Best Places To Eat With Your Family in Akron, OH

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Finding a kid-friendly place to eat in Ohio can be tricky. That’s why we put together this list. We want to help parents like you find somewhere to dine out that features delicious adult meals and is casual enough to welcome a fussy baby. So grab your keys and buckle up the kids! Here are the five best places to eat with your family near Akron.

Akron Family Restaurant

Grilled Pork Chop from Restaurant in Akron, OH

Grilled Pork Chop” licensed under “CC BY 2.0” by Sonny Abesamis

Today’s parents have more on their to-do list than ever before. If you have to choose between ballet class for the kids and a wholesome dinner at home, mealtime will probably lose. That’s ok. Akron Family Restaurant on West Market Street has the nutritious homestyle meals you want to feed your kids, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterward.

The Corpas family has owned and operated the restaurant since 1986. They decorated this traditional neighborhood diner with local sports memorabilia and put together a vast menu the whole family would enjoy. You’ll pick from classic American fares like the restaurant’s famous salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and delicious entrees, including Italian and seafood dishes. We recommend the grilled pork chops, a veal cutlet, or the liver and onions.

If your kids are craving pancakes for dinner, Akron Family Restaurant’s extensive list of all-day breakfast favorites will satisfy their cravings. You’ll have difficulty choosing between a hearty three-egg omelet or a plate of Texas French toast with a side of crispy bacon.

Trecaso’s Mary Coyle

Take a step back in time with a visit to Trecaso’s Mary Coyle. This Highland Square restaurant on West Market Street is a snug little 1940s ice cream parlor and Italian pizzeria with a relaxed vibe. There’s plenty for the little ones to see while you’re waiting for your meal, including loads of vintage toys and a pink and green neon soda fountain.

Once you tell the kids you’re going out for pizza and dessert, you won’t have to do any persuading. If you can imagine an Italian dish, Mary Coyle’s has it. Its cooks offer Old World pizza pies, stuffed eggplant, manicotti, spaghetti with anchovies, and shrimp ravioli. They even have Chicago-style hotdogs for the little ones.

The best part about dining out at this pick is its dessert menu. The pastry chef here has stuffed its cases with sweet treats. The ice cream menu alone takes up most of a page. Pick from 24 flavors and add toppings like cherries, marshmallow sauce, and hot fudge. There are even banana splits, strawberry sundaes, and malts.

Wally Waffle

Dining out with kids can be an adventure, so why not go with the flow? Climb in your new preowned vehicle and head to Wally Waffle. It offers three Ohio locations, including the closest spot on West Market Street. Tantalize your taste buds with yummy breakfast goodies like pancakes, waffles, and omelets.

The Eggs Benedict here is top-notch. They cook the yolks to perfection, and the creamy hollandaise sauce is rich and buttery with just a hint of lemon. Don’t be afraid to browse other creative menu items, like the Elvis cakes with peanut butter and bacon.

Wally’s side dishes are just as good as the main course. The loaded hash browns or “Wally Fries” are a must-try. They have a crispy shell and are tender on the inside. If you’re seeking low-fat options, go with the turkey sausage. The friendly staff is very accommodating, so if your fussy toddler doesn’t want cheese on their eggs, that’s ok with Wally Waffle and its service-with-a-smile mission.

Waterloo Restaurant

Stop by the Waterloo Restaurant any day of the week. This family restaurant makes it all: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re looking to enjoy a memorable family dinner, you’ll love its homestyle cooking. Every dish features the freshest ingredients, and the homemade daily specials make eating out easier on your budget.

Start your day with a freshly baked cinnamon bun or sausage gravy atop a homemade biscuit. Chicken parmesan or a five-cheese mac and cheese stand out on the dinner menu, and so do Waterloo’s St. Louis-style barbeque ribs. If you’re following a keto meal plan, opt for the bison patty with white cheddar. It’s a mouthwatering delight.

Waterloo also has a beautiful patio. The kids will enjoy sipping their hand-dipped milkshake outdoors when the weather is nice. Grab something sweet to bring home, like the legendary apple pie. Waterloo’s in-house bakery makes all the items from scratch every day. They’re the perfect finish for a festive holiday meal.

Ann’s Restaurant

Ann’s Restaurant on South Hawkins Avenue is another great family restaurant. It’s one of Akron‘s best places to eat with kids because of its friendly atmosphere, great food, and terrific prices. The servers at Ann’s are genuine and hospitable, making dining here a truly pleasurable experience for the whole family.

You can see Ann’s pitmaster’s slow-smoking southern-style ribs in the parking lot. The aroma is enough to lure you in, and the $5 special will keep you there all day. It includes two ribs and a side of fries. We think they’re the most tender, flavorful, fall-off-the-bone ribs you’ll ever try. Of course, you can get other dishes, too, like chicken dinners, shrimp, burgers, sandwiches, and an all-day breakfast.

Make sure to sample some of Ann’s classic southern sides, like collard greens and a slice of sweet potato pie for dessert. You can even place an order in advance and take your ribs home for a backyard barbeque. It’s the perfect complement to a Buckeyes homegating party, and you won’t find authentic fixings like these anywhere else in Ohio.

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